Van Osch Films

Moving Target

  • Length: 45 min
  • Language: Ned, Eng
  • Subtitles: Eng, Ned
  • Direction: Bart Coenders
  • Camera: Bart Coenders
  • Production: Frank van Osch

John Boxtel – as he is called in Canada – is one of the most important sculptors to come out of the Netherlands. He was born in Goirle, a small village in the south of the country, in 1930. He emigrated to Canada over 50 years ago. Because life in Goirle made him feel trapped, John took off in search of adventure and freedom. At times his life was one big carousel of women, changing professions and relocations. John is elusive, literally and figuratively speaking. “It´s hard to hit a Moving Target” he says about himself.

‘Moving Target’ is a touching and personal insight into John´s wild life in Canada and his painful memories of Goirle. A film about the urge to find freedom, about being misjudged and the need to walk your own path.


Coproduction with Coenders Sound & Vision