Van Osch Films

Searching for Dado

  • Length: 60 min
  • Direction: Coen Havers, Frank van Osch
  • Production: David Grover - Falcon Grove Productions, Frank van Osch, Matthijs Kösters - Van Osch Films

Satko and his best friend Elvir “Dado” Elezovic were living a happy live in Kozarac, before the Serbian army attacked this West-Bosnian city on May 24, 1992. Thousands of Bosnians were killed or deported. 30 years later, Satko and family members are still searching for Dado’s remains. ‘Searching for Dado’ is a tribute to the hope his relatives are feeling while shrouded in uncertainty over what happened to their loved one. Will they ever find him? And will they be able to keep this perseverance, or will they succumb to resignation over Dado’s unknown fate?